Perovskite Crystal Lattice Structure

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Perovskites are face centered cubic crystals with many potential electronic applications; buy this model kit for only $42.95 to study its novel lattice structure.

Perovskite the mineral has the chemical formula CaTiO3. Other compounds such as BaTiO3 & PbTiO3 with this crystal lattice structures are also referred to as perovskites but have ferroelelectric properties with potentially interesting uses as superconductors, capacitors, sensors, computer memory, catalytic electrodes, fuel/solar cell & laser materials.


More recent breakthroughs in producing metal-free perovskite ferroelectric materials have occurred with the general formula A(NH4)X3, where A is a divalent organic cation and X is a halogen. These more complex substituents can only be inferred with this model.

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