Perovskite Crystal Lattice Structure

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Perovskites are face centered cubic crystals with many potential electronic applications; buy this model kit for only $42.95 to study its novel lattice structure.

Perovskite the mineral has the chemical formula CaTiO3. Other compounds such as BaTiO3 & PbTiO3 with this crystal lattice structures are also referred to as perovskites. The corners of the cube consist of positively charged cations while edges have smaller negatively charged anions. This can produce electrical resistance changes when subjected to magnetic fields that are important in microelectronics.

More recent breakthroughs in producing metal-free perovskite ferroelectric materials have occurred with the general formula A(NH4)X3, where A is a divalent organic cation and X is a halogen. These more complex substituents can only be inferred with this model.

We have created a slightly larger, alternative version with our GlowBonds™ (glow in the dark) to draw attention to some of these unusual physical properties. The price is the same but when ordering indicate in "Comments" that you want the glow version.


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There are no printed instructions for assembling this model. However, these specifications & a close look at the images of the model & unit cell should suffice.

  • Grey is Calcium (Ca). Note that this atom is 12 coordinate & comes in 3 parts. A 6 armed central piece with holes for the two 3 armed pieces to plug into
  • Yellow is Titanium & connects to the red atoms with the 30mm bonds
  • Red is Oxygen & connects to the yellow atoms with the 45mm bonds
  • Clear 50mm "Wobbly" bonds have been precut to 45mm to fit the lattice structure
  • Four of these clear 45mm "Wobbly" bonds connect the central grey calcium atom to 4 oxygen atoms. Of these red atoms 2 in the top row are shifted 90 degrees relative to the bottom row.
  • The Ca-O bonds are easier to see in the Unit Cell image


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