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Indigo™ 10% hydrogen peroxide concentration test strips can confirm dilutions of 35% food grade peroxide, only $26.95 for 100 strips; buy more & and save with extended shelf life.

The upper test limit on this strip is 10% or 100,000ppm. At that concentration, the strip turns black immediately. The lowest level this strip can test for is 1% which you can also do with the Indigo™ 10,000ppm hydrogen peroxide test strip. Both strips take about 2 minutes to show this.

Use our hydrogen peroxide sanitizer dilution calculator to correctly dilute 35% food grade into the ppm range of this strip.

Indigo™ brand hydrogen test strips are Made in USA & tested for accuracy using NIST compliant standards.

Hydrogen peroxide contact lens solutions can be prepared from 35% food grade peroxide. Use the dilution calculator to prepare 3% medical (pharmaceutical) grade hydrogen peroxide.

Use these 1-10% Indigo™ test strips to confirm correct dilution of concentrated hydrogen peroxide, aka "food grade". They change to only one color, black, with the concentration indicated by the speed of the color change. This timed response differs from the other peroxide strips which use color charts.

These strips can experience a "lag time" before any color change is observed and a longer completion time when testing hydrogen peroxide contact lens cleaning solutions or other custom formulations. Calibration may be required when testing custom formulations.

Note: The bracketed numbers in the two columns for 1, 2, 3% are for contact lens solutions & are different due to additives and are based on CIBA Geigy AOSEPT. These will vary with other similar products.


Concentration Color Begins Reaction Completion
10% (100,000ppm) 0 seconds 3-5 seconds
7% (70,000ppm) 4 seconds 7-12 seconds
5% (50,000ppm) 6 seconds 14-18 seconds
3% (30,000ppm) 10 seconds (20) 32-40 seconds (50)
2% (20,000ppm) 20 seconds (~40) 53-65 seconds (~90-130)
1% (10,000ppm) 30 seconds (~75) 100-130 seconds (~150-180)

Is your hydrogen peroxide stock solution 3%, 10%, 30%, 35%? No matter, use our hydrogen peroxide dilution calculator to take the quesswork out of making up a batch of 100, 200, 400 (or other) ppm hydrogen peroxide solution.

Or, use the strips to confirm the strength of 35% food grade peroxide by mixing 1 part 35% peroxide solution with 2.5 parts water to yield a concentration of 10%. If the color change is not immediate, then the initial concentration was not 35% (or you made a mistake in the dilution). Try other dilutions to zero in on the actual strength, e.g. 1:6 should give you 5%; etc.

Indigo™ 10% hydrogen peroxide test strips use a timed response to indicate concentration. See above for details.

  • Indigo™ test strips have a guaranteed minimum 3 year shelf life but are stored in desiccant lined vials so actual shelf life can be 5+ years.
  • For technical explanation, read: Sanitizer Test Strip Expiration; Good Today, Dead Tomorrow?
  • The number of strips per vial (100) is approximate.
  • Suitable for detection of hydroperoxides and ether peroxides. Polymeric peroxides, which can form in diethylether, are not detected. Organic peroxides, such as di-terc-butyl peroxide, di-cumyl peroxide or terc-butyl perbenzoate, either do not react or react with significantly reduced sensitivity.

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Reviews (5)
Excellent service! Product arrived in three days as expected. Item is very good for my various solutions of H2O2 concentrations. Saves alot of calculations and guessing. Definitely keep them in mind for other items.
— Robert
Once I figured out which end of the strips to use and when navy blue turned to black, I got the hang of it. If you're color blind, this product may be challenging. Using product to prepare rinse solutions.
— R. Voltmer
Great product and service! Package arrived from North America to NZ within a week during the covid-19 shut down period. Will be ordering more in near future. Thank you!
— B Harry
I am quite happy with my purchase, the test strips do exactly what I need them to do. Price was quite fair and reasonable. Shipping was a bit slow but that is not your fault with the fiasco Covid-19 created. If I ever need a similar product I will most certainly look to Indigo Instruments to supply my need.
— SteveK
Great for a quick check of H2O2 percentage. Have used for years for in-process redundancy testing and shelf life testing of finished goods.
— B. Rowell
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