Greenhouse Peroxide Safe Water Testing

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Buy Indigo® 400ppm hydrogen peroxide test strips to ensure your greenhouse plant & water handling equipment disinfecting/cleaning solutions are effective; only $20.95. Buy more and pay less with volume discounts & our 3 year shelf life.

Nutrient-water reservoirs in greenhouse hydroponic systems should be regularly cleaned and sanitized between crop cycles in order to eliminate disease causing pathogens. Hydrogen peroxide diluted to 100-150ppm can keep algae and harmful microbes in check for healthier plants with improved growth and yield.

Higher hydrogen peroxide levels, 200-400ppm, can be sprayed on fruits and vegetables for pest control in accordance with organic certification guidelines. Need to go higher? Use Indigo® 0-10000ppm peroxide strips if you have to confirm 500 & 1000ppm or even higher.


Baffled by mixed units such as mL per gallon? Our Dilution Calculator can help you work it out as long as you understand a few metric equivalents to American units. e.g., 5mL is roughly a teaspoon & 4000mL is ~1 US gallon.

So, if you pour 2.5ml (1/2 tsp) of 35% food grade into 1 gallon (4000ml) of water, the calculator should tell you that you now have a ~220ppm solution (close enough to the 200ppm on the color chart). If the test strip reads much lower than this, your peroxide might be old. Try adding a bit more of the concentrate & retest. A 10mL graduated cyclinder could be handy for working in mL; see below in Related Products.

Got clogged breaker nozzles? They may just need to be reamed out. We have special collection of 10 different sizes of insect pins that can help you unclog just about any orifice, small or large.

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30 second response with readings at 0-100-200-300-400ppm for concentration levels of hydrogen peroxide.

  • Indigo® test strips have a guaranteed minimum 3 year shelf life but are stored in desiccant lined vials so actual shelf life can be 5+ years.
  • 3 year shelf life explained: Sanitizer Test Strip Expiration; Good Today, Dead Tomorrow?
  • The number of strips per vial (100) is approximate.
  • Detects hydroperoxides and ether peroxides. Does not detect polymeric peroxides.
  • Organic peroxides, such as di-tert-butyl peroxide, dicumyl peroxide or tert-butyl perbenzoate, either do not react or react with significantly reduced sensitivity.

Test Strip Documentation

Stability Statement Certificate of Analysis SDS Calibration Fluid CoA
Indigo Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips 400ppm Stability Statement Indigo Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips 400ppm Certificate of Analysis Indigo Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips 400ppm SDS Calibration Fluid Certificate of Analysis

Indigo® brand hydrogen peroxide test strips are Made in USA & tested for accuracy using NIST compliant standards.

Reviews (11)

SERVICE IS GOOD.. While I understand availability can be tricky, resulting in a price increase, you've never been out of stock , and the price has increased. this wouldn;t bother me otherwise but.. you're the only company that sells the higher range strips. i have spent hours looking online looking for another supplier. i feel your pricing reflects the monopoly you seem to hold. i'd like to get better pricing as a we purchase them for resale. i've also ordered from you guys for 7-8 years.. i know our volume is minimal, but that's mainly because we don;t have a pile of peroxide clients. thanks

— tom
— Indigo:

Not sure who you are comparing us to but the only "monopoly" we have is on the best prices for 5 or more & a 3 year guaranteed shelf life.  Actually, we've held prices from Jan. 2019 till end of 2021 and, as you noted, we are never out of stock!

Product arrived in a timely fashion and was just what I expected, at a great price.
— Warren
Great product! Customer service was wonderful helping me figure out which test kit I needed. Thanks!
— Kate
— Indigo: Glad we could help.
Super useful for Hot Tub. Price is good and service is awesome.
— Jonathan
Great for hydrogen peroxide pools... easy, cheap and great service. Rich
— rich
Great product, awesome service, H2O2 is so much better than Chlorine, and these strips are the perfect tool for keeping us in clean hot water...
— Jon
Super Product! We order for some of our hot tub customers who use peroxide in their tubs. No complaints. Easy ordering and fast, reliable service!
— Wheatland Machine
Ordered the test strips and they arrived promptly just a few days later. Great company to order from. Test strips are an easy way to maintain the correct balance of peroxide in our hot tub.
— Cheryl
Quick results and so easy to use and read.
— 400ppm Peroxide Strips
Test strips work great, fast and easy
— Les

Love these strips! Quick , Easy and Accurate way to maintain the peroxide level in our hotub! We always re-order on the last container so we are never without them!! AnnB

— 400ppm Peroxide Strips, 50/Pk
— Indigo:

If you are using 1 strip per week, you can actually save a little bit buying 2 at a time.

Our discounts start at just 2! And it costs the same to ship 2 as 1.

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