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Indigo® Molybdate test strips confirm the concentration of molybdate ions are high enough to prevent corrosion in boilers or cooling water systems; only $14.95/50 strips. Guaranteed minimum 3 year shelf life. 

Sodium molybdate can effect galvanized steel corrosion inhibition in soft water cooling systems. System pH is normally controlled between 7.0 and 9.0. Recommended water treatment application control limits are 200-300 ppm for molybdate concentration (as MoO42¯). Molybdate inhibitors have a maximum allowed use level. They should not be used with calcium levels greater than 500 ppm.


The Molybdate test strip measures MoO4-2 ion present in water cooling and boiler system anticorrosion additives. The additive in these systems is expensive and confirming you are at the proper level saves you money. The ion reacts with propyl gallate and the resulting product color indicates the strength of molybdate in the sample. These strips are masked against the presence of up to 10ppm of ferric ions.

The molybdate test strip does not use mercaptoacetic acid or ternary complexes. The ternary complex method for molybdenum determination is a method in which molybdate molybdenum reacts with an indicator and a sensitizing agent to give a stable blue complex. The mercaptoacetic acid and complex methods are used for determination by colorimeters. 

See below for the material safety data sheet.

  • The number of strips (50) per vial is approximate.
  • These strips are extremely sensitive to airborne humidity.
  • Reseal the desiccant lined bottle immediately after removing a strip to ensure a minimum 3 year shelf life.

Test Strip Documentation

Stability Statement Certificate of Analysis SDS
Indigo Molybdate Test Strips Stability Statement Indigo Molybdate Test Strips Certificate of Analysis Indigo Molybdate Test Strips SDS
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