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This Molymod ball & stick molecular model set has 49 atoms with 14 different geometries for molecular structures in organic and inorganic chemistry. It even includes lone pair orbitals for VSEPR theory, all for only $25.95.

The box has space for 12 more 23mm diameter atoms. Create a custom teacher's set with our free 3D Molecular Model Builder. Just plug in the compounds you want to build (see examples) & choose the Molymod Open Sphere style. This model set will be listed in at least one purchase option with the extra parts you'll need. This may be more economical than the Organic/Inorganic Teacher's set, especially if you need to outfit a lab for AP chemistry.

Want extra parts to build complex ions and point groups? Our 62009EX organic/inorganic chemistry model set is an extended version with more carbon atoms & might be a better choice & also has extra space.


Semi-spacefilling model (62053, 62050) & skeletal model (68845NV, 68827W) styles are available in both student & teacher set versions.

This set comes with p orbitals for showing unbonded electron pairs in molecular geometry/VSEPR shapes. There is an optional p & pi orbital pack that can illustrate sigma and pi bonding.


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This economical molecular model set has over 90 pieces and is a superb learning tool for the student with a serious interest in organic and inorganic chemistry.

Every Molymod molecular model set sold by Indigo Instruments is fully compatible with older ones you might own. You can also replenish or customize any set or kit we sell with genuine Molymod parts.


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The Molymod sets are well priced compared with other vendors, and the order was received within a week of being ordered online. The website is easy to use. Highly recommend using Indigo Instruments as your source for molecular model sets.

— Chris
— Indigo:

Thanks for the feedback. We don't pad our prices so we can offer "free" shipping that way buying 2 or 3 saves even more money. 

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