High Level Quat 1500 ppm

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Fast response quaternary ammonium chloride sanitizer test strips for high level hospital strength disinfectant quat sanitizers up to 1500ppm; from $11.95, 100 strips/pack.

Note: Read immediately. If you wait the 30 seconds needed for some other strips you will get a reading that is too high.


I need to create a Standard Operating Procedure on how to use and interpret the use of the High level QAC test strips. I found the one page document on the product description and operating principles I wanted to know if you had any training videos or additional documents on describing what is the desirable ppm range the foot bath should be in, on understanding how to read the strips and what to do if the strips are not within the desirable range. My operator is VERY new and I need to explain every detail.

1. If you don't have guidelines set by a local health authority or an industry standard, then let’s go with the highest level, 1500ppm.

2. The instructions on the strip pack are straightforward. Dip the strip into the solution & IMMEDIATELY compare to the color chart. If you wait 30 seconds, as required by other brands, you will get a false high reading.

3. Do not use hot water. Water warmer than 40C/105F may give false high readings.

4. The simple answer for not in the desirable range is to add more Quat concentrate if the reading is low. Add more water if the reading is high. Then retest. Don't worry about being exact, you can be +/- 10% without major consequences.

If you run into repeated problems with getting the right concentration, try our Dilution Equation Calculator.



Click here for technical information on how to use the high level quat strips.

  • If vial is properly stoppered, strips have a 2 year shelf life; if kept in cool conditions (~21C) there is no set expiration date & they could last up to 5 years.
  • The number of strips per pack or vial is approximate.
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