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Sanitizer Test Strips

Choose from 21 Indigo® test strips for your specific disinfection & sanitizing needs. All come with 100 test strips/vial and a minimum guaranteed 3 year shelf life. Full documentation provided on-line including Certificates of Analysis & Stability & SDS Statements; Certificates of Conformance available on request. Optional next day delivery in any quantity of most items. Buy Indigo® test strips, the brand you can trust for accuracy & technical support. Call us on our toll free line for immediate assistance or e-mail us with your questions. 1 hour response is typical during business hours, M-F, slightly longer on weekends.

Indigo® Disinfectant & Sanitizer Test Strips

Indigo® test strips for chemical sanitizers & disinfectants are approved for food & non-food contact surfaces in restaurants, hospitals, daycare, cruise ships and much more. Whether you need residual level sensitivity or high level for more robust applications, we have what you need.

All come with a minimum guaranteed 3 year expiration so stock up & save. No one beats our 10+ price including delivery to your door.

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Sanitization vs Disinfection

These terms are often used interchangeably but in practice they are different.

Sanitizers will reduce the number of Staphylococcus aureus and either Klebsiella pneumoniae or Enterobacter aerogenes bacteria by a factor of 10-3 or 99.9%  but does not eliminate them. They are considered adequate for surfaces such as dishes, utensils, cutting boards, high chair trays as well as pacifiers & toys that children might put in their mouths.

Disinfectant chemicals can often be the same as sanitizers but are used at higher strength to ensure they will kill or inactivate bacteria, fungi and viruses or require a much longer exposure time. By EPA's definition, they can be a “substance, or mixture of substances, that destroys or irreversibly inactivates bacteria, fungi and viruses, but not necessarily their spores"

This greater effectiveness is desired for hard surfaces where the chance of transmitting the germ to others is likely. This can include diaper change tables, counter tops, door & cabinet handles, and toilets and other bathroom surfaces. Ideally, the disinfectant will leave an antimicrobial film that will have a longer term residual effect.

Disinfectants should be odorless or have a pleasant odor and be economical to use routinely. This generally means they are available as concentrates that can be diluted in water and are stable for extended periods.

Disinfectant strength needs to be high enough so effectiveness is not compromised by organic matter such as blood, sputum and feces while not be being toxic to humans in the event of accidental ingestion.

Indigo® sanitizer & disinfectant test strips are available in all ranges needed to confirm the correct dilution of typical commercially available disinfectant chemicals.
  1. Chlorine & Iodine: 6 ranges for chlorine, 1 iodine
  2. Chlorine Dioxide: 2 ranges
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide: 4 ranges
  4. Peracetic Acid: 4 ranges
  5. Quaternary Ammonium Chloride: 4 ranges

To be effective, sanitization & disinfection require an initial cleaning to remove food residues. Organics such as oil & protein can harbor bacteria & prevent physical contact & even inactivation of your sanitizer/disinfectant.