Bleach Disinfection Test Strips 2000ppm

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Buy Indigo® brand 0-2000ppm sanitizer test strips for chlorine bleach concentration to guarantee compliance with daycare regulations. Spend less-buying just 3 packs of 100 strips backed by our 3 year minimum guaranteed shelf life beats "free" shipping. Now that's bang for the buck!

Full documentation including Certificate of Analysis, Stability & SDS are available below; Certificate of Conformance on request. Be prepared for any health audit or long term care home safety inspection.

NDAA Section 889 form available to Government Purchasers upon request.

Cleaning, sanitizing & disinfecting surfaces are the 3 steps you need to take to keep children in your care healthy and safe at child, youth and school services. Do this for food preparation & contact surfaces such as countertops, plates, utensils, pots, pans, cups, cutting boards, stove, oven, grill, ventilation/exhaust hood, microwave, food warmers, carts, tables, highchairs & waste receptacles.

The color chart has ranges for sanitization (50-200ppm) & disinfection (500-800ppm). 800ppm is considered the maximum level for child safety in the event of ingestion. You may also want to look at the following 2 pdf files from the State of California for "Sanitize Safely & Effectively" & "What is Safe & Effective Use of Bleach"

Use our free Chlorine Bleach Dilution Calculator to calculate the amount of bleach & water needed to prepare any ppm levels. You can use any concentration of chlorine bleach to prepare a sanitizing/disinfecting solution but as an example the video shows an 8.25% solution diluted to produce 650ppm (the midway point of 500-800ppm for disinfection as shown on the color chart).

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Daycare/Preschool/Childcare Cleaning/Disinfection Checklist

Are you involved in keeping a daycare, preschool or childcare facility clean and safe? Try our handy checklist for areas to cover and tips on how to ensure you are doing it properly by testing with our test strips.

Cleaning/Disinfection Checklist

Daycare Preschool Childcare Disinfection Checklist

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Results in 1 minute with readings at 25-50-200-500-800-1500-2000 ppm for free (available) chlorine bleach concentration. The detection limit of this strip is 12.5 ppm.
  • Indigo® test strips have a guaranteed minimum 3 year shelf life but are stored in desiccant lined vials so actual shelf life can be 5+ years.
  • For technical explanation, read: Sanitizer Test Strip Expiration; Good Today, Dead Tomorrow?
  • These strips measure free (available) chlorine
  • The number of strips (100) per vial is approximate.

Test Strip Documentation

Stability Statement Certificate of Analysis SDS Calibration Fluid CoA
Indigo Chlorine 2000ppm Test Strip Stability Statement Indigo Chlorine 2000ppm Test Strip Certificate of Analysis Indigo Chlorine 2000ppm Test Strip SDS Calibration Fluid Certificate of Analysis

Indigo® brand chlorine test strips are Made in USA & tested for accuracy using NIST compliant standards.

Reviews (9)

The test strips themselves are reliable, the shipment is expedient, and the cost is comparable. This is my 4th order with Indigo and they will continue to have my business.

— Lenna
— Indigo:

Thank you for kinds words.  Happy we can continue to provide these for you.


One of the only places we can purchase these strips that are mandatory for use in our business. Prices are very reasonable. Fast, easy ordering and they get here quickly. What more could a business want?

— Connie
— Indigo:

Thanks for the great feedback.


We use the Indigo™ brand 0-2000ppm chlorine test strips daily at work to test inhouse made hypochlorous acid (HOCl-). The range of the test strips is perfect as we use 500 ppm to 1500 ppm depending on the application. This products gives me the security to know that the product we are making is going to disinfect properly. I will be ordering this product again. Thank you.

— Lenna
— Indigo:

Great to hear that. Nice to get feedback from someone who actually produces disinfectant.



I write this positive review as a private researcher. My career spanned five decades at the University of California at Berkeley as a manager of shared research facilities. I treasure no nonsense solutions to problems. I am pleased to write a review for Indigo Instruments which is positive. The company's a pleasure to do business with and their test-strips have greatly simplified my efforts in Andean orchid preservation using asymbiotic in vitro propagation.  Robert Hamilton,  Berkeley, CA  

— Indigo:

Thanks for e-mail explaining how you use them. "I use your strips to measure HOCl concentrations in solutions I make by hydrolyzing KCl. Plants like K but not Na; hence, I don't use Clorox as most tissue culture labs."  Using hydrogen peroxide test strips in greenhouses is more popular, nice to know about a different application. 

Great web site. Impressed with quick delivery. Will definitely be ordering again
— Bob
Easy use of website, Quick delivery. Great customer care.
— Ruth
— Indigo: Happy to help with the testing needs of your company.

We operate an Adult Daycare program and our local supplier, for these strips, stopped carrying them in the strength we needed several years ago. I found Indigo online and we get fast, efficient service with good pricing. Website is very "User Friendly". Very satisfied with this Vendor.

— Connie
— Indigo:

Great feedback & good to know you found the website easy to use.

Excellent website, and quick delivery. Very happy with service.
— Stu
I ordered this product for my child care center. The order arrived quickly and the product worked well.
— Sr. Paul Mary
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