Alkene Hydrocarbon Structure Models

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Alkenes such as ethylene (ethene) are important in both industrial & biological processes. Ethylene. for example, is both a common plant hormone that causes ripening & a precursor for making ethylene glycol (antifreeze) & polyester fibres.

The 68845NV student set can build a variety of simple linear alkenes including: ethene (C2H4), propene (C3H6), butene (C4H8), pentene (C5H10), hexene (C6H12), heptene (C7H14), octene (C8H16) up to nonene (C9H18) & their isomers. Longer alkenes of 9 to 20 carbons are listed below but require extra atoms to build them.

Alkenes with 2 double bonds are called dienes of which there are 3 types, cumulated, conjugated & isolated. These consist of 2 pairs of double bonded carbon atoms that are adjacent, separated by a single bond or by 2 single bonds are more. Examples of these are 2,3-pentadiene, 1,3 pentadiene & 1,4 pentadiene respectively.

Simple alkenes shown in the image include ethene, propene & the isomers of butene. Double bonds are represented by the white 35mm flexible bonds; C-C with 30mm grey bonds; C-H with 20mm bonds.

Longer, straight chain alkenes with 9 to 20 carbons include: decene (C10H20), undecene (C11H22), dodecene (C12H24), tridecene (C13H26), tetradecene (C14H28), pentadecene (C15H30), hexadecene (C16H32, heptadecene (C17H34), octadecene (C18H36), nonadecene (C19H38). Enter these compounds into the Indigo® Instruments 3D Molecular Model Builder (use Orbit Basic Style) to determine how many extra bonds & atoms you will need to build them.



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This model kit is great for improving knowledge of molecular structures for organic chemistry.
— Jan
I bought the product for a university class and it met expectations. Great service and fast shipping.
— Miri
— Indigo: Thank you for the review. Good luck this term.
Great product, fast shipping, excellent customer service!
— Courtney
Bought two of these because I prefer them to the one used at the university. Easy to use and has a good flexibility.
— Thierry

I've had consistently great service from this company. Our students seem to really appreciate the reasonable price. In the years that we've used this product, not one has been returned due to defects.

— Becki
— Indigo:

Considering how many of these we sell to schools every year, that is high praise indeed. Thanks letting us know.

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