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Sucrose, molecular formula C12H22O11, is a dissacharide commonly referred to as table sugar. It is composed of glucose and fructose joined by an ether bond. Enter sucrose or its IUPAC name alpha-D-glucopyranosyl beta-D-fructofuranoside in our 3D Model Builder. Select the Orbit-flexible style to see its structure as presented by this model kit.

Sucrose is the prevalent naturally occurring disaccharide and is a major product of photosynthesis. It is formed from the glucose and fructose monomers linked by an ether bond or glycosidic linkage between C1 on the glucosyl subunit and C2 on the fructosyl subunit.


You can also build fructose with our advanced student organic chemistry model set or the class organic chemistry model set. The class biochemistry model set builds the linear version of fructose in the Orbit x-peg style.

You can build any 6 carbon sugar ring with our AtoMag magnetic molecular model. Quickly change the position of any oxygen atom to show different structural isomers; magnetic hydrogens are optional. If you buy two, you can build any disaccharide.

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