Deoxyribose Sugar Structure Molecule

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Deoxyribose or more precisely 2-deoxyribose is distinguished from the 5 carbon sugar in having a hydrogen instead of an OH group on carbon 2. The correct IUPAC name for deoxyribose is 2-deoxy-d-ribose which describes the isomer found in DNA. Deoxyribose forms the "backbone" of DNA as can be seen in our 12 base pair DNA model. Note that the deoxyribose in our model is shown without hydrogens to simplify its construction.

You can use our 3D Molecular Model Builder to view & compare the linear form of 2-deoxyribose to the ringed form deoxyribofuranose. First choose the model style: "Orbit-flexible". Then enter the structure you want to view/build. 

You can also build deoxyribose with our advanced student organic chemistry model set or the class organic chemistry model set. The class biochemistry model set builds the linear version of deoxyribose in the Orbit x-peg style.

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