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Glucose and related sugars are essential to metabolism. This advanced sugars molecular model kit comes with 100 carbons & can make lactose, sucrose, ribose, cellulose & starch for only $103.95.

Build 16 pyranose or furanose isomers in either linear or ring form or 6 monosaccharides, 3 disaccharides & a starch molecule. Compare monosaccharides such as glucose, galactose, fructose & maltose to disaccharides such as lactose & sucrose. Also helps understand the different crosslinking found in cellulosestarch & even chitin.

GalactoseThe glucose sugars model kit comes with enough parts to build at least 6 monosaccharides and 3 disaccharides. This is sufficient to build a chemical structure model of cellulose with cross links. You can also build similar models in the Molymod hybrid style with our 62115 Glucose Molecule Structures Model Kit.

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