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Starch is a carbohydrate with a homopolysaccharide (aka homoglycan) chemical structure that consists solely of glucose (as α-glucopyranose). These glucose monomers are alpha (1-4) linked to form straight chain amyloses & branched chain amylopectin. 95% of amylopectins glucose subunits are connected by alpha (1-4) linkages & the remaining 5% as alpha (1-6) linkages.

Note: a process called mutarotation converts alpha glucose (α-glucopyranose) into the beta form we use as shown in glucose. As we consume the beta form, the equilibrium reaction drives more alpha to replace the beta.


Starch is found in some important foods such as potatoes and rice. When digested, it breaks down into smaller units of dextrin & maltose before ending up as glucose.

Building a truly representative starch structure could use up the entire model kit. If you are planning to study organic chemistry, you might want to augment it with our advanced student organic chemistry model set or the class organic chemistry model set.


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