Ketone Functional Group Chemical Structure

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Acetone (propanone), is the simplest ketone, with a molecular formula of C3H6O. Our advanced student set makes learning ketone IUPAC nomenclature easy with its 24 sp3 carbons. You can build multiple molecules at once for comparison.


Ketones are important in industry & biology & include compounds such as progesterone. Many have pleasant aromas like carvone which smells like spearmint or muscone ((R)-3-methylcyclopentadecanone), which is a key component of musk. Others, like beta-hydroxybutyrate & acetoacetone are associated with diabetic ketoacidosis. Use this set in conjunction with our 3D Molecular Model Builder (set to Orbit flexible style) to view & build virtually any ketone. Choose the "orbit flexible" style.

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Reviews (3)

Good kit. Fast delivery. It made visualizing chair/boat conformations easier, helped figuring out chirality and stereochem as well. The clear bonds however were sometimes hard to work with as you really need to shove the parts into them, and can slow you down if you're able to use a model kit in exams. As a result, I like using the more rigid grey bonds for most of my builds. The bendable bonds are good if you need to visualize your alkenes and alkynes.

— Sam
— Indigo:

Thanks for the feedback. The rigid bonds are great for chair boat flips but eventually wear out with repeated use. The clear bonds are tougher to work with at first but eventually loosen up enough to make them easier to use. They will last over many more uses which is good if you are taking chemistry as a degree.


Good quality and assortment!

— John Aldus

These are great kits for a great price. Very useful, and easy to buy extra parts if you want.

— Shawn
— Indigo:

Glad to hear it. This model set is supported by our 3D Molecular Model builder so any time you want to augment it, the tool will tell you what you need.

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