Orbit Advanced VSEPR Model Set

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The Advanced VSEPR Theory Set can build models of the 13 important of molecular shapes; from $19.95 with quantity discounts.


This set has all the parts needed to demonstrate all the geometries-molecular shapes associated with VSEPR theory. The black and white paddles represent lone electron pairs to show the influence of electron pair repulsion on molecular geometry.

  • angular: SO2, H2O, H2S, SF2
  • linear: BeH2, CO2, XeF2, I3
  • t-shaped: ClF3
  • seesaw: SF4
  • square pyramidal: IF5, BrF5
  • square planar: XeF4, IF4-
  • tetrahedral: CH4, CF4, SO42-
  • trigonal planar: SO3, BF3
  • trigonal pyramidal: NH3, PF3, AsCl3
  • trigonal bipyramidal: PF5, PCl5, AsF5
  • octahedral: SF6, PF6-, SiF62-
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