Vitamin C Chemical Structure Molecule

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The 68812W Orbit molecular model kit can build 8 different models of water soluble vitamins including vitamin C, ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is a relatively simple molecule but its effects on human health are enormous. The best known ailment due to a lack of it is scurvy. This is rare in most cultures since ready access to fruits and vegetables has eliminated this problem.

This kit build the water soluble essential vitamin C (ascorbic acid) as in the "Orbit-X-peg" style as does the Class Biochemistry Set. Our advanced student organic chemistry set & class organic chemistry set can also build the vitamin C chemical structure model but in the "Orbit flexible" style. You can use our 3D Molecular Model Builder to show you the difference in styles.

Read a bit more in our Blog: What Is Vitamin C & Why Do We Need It?.


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