Oleic Acid

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Oleic acid is an omega 9 fatty acid that consists of 18 carbons and has a single cis double bond at the carbon 9 position.

Note: The parts list below is for the entire fatty acids kit. The image shows Oleic acid built 2 ways, see Details below for more information.


The image shows the model built 2 different ways. This kit and the 68849W biochemistry class set come with "X" pegs and 120 degree planar carbon atoms to denote double bonds and will produce a flattened representation. (Note, there is also a double bond in the carboxyl group which was inadvertently omitted).

The version at the top, uses longer 35mm bonds to denote double bonds and can be built this way using the 68827W organic chemistry student set or the 68847W organic chemistry class set.

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