Conjugated Linoleic Acid

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Conjugated linoleic acid generally refers to a mixture of two isomers of linoleic acid. One is CLA itself, designated C18:2, trans10,cis12 & the other is rumenic acid, 18:2, cis9,trans cis11.They both consist of a 17 carbon aliphatic (alkene) chain connected to a carboxylic acid functional group. Conjugation refers to a pair of double bonded carbons, cis or trans, that are separated by a single covalent bond. The image shows rumenic acid which along with CLA is a major constituent of cow milk.


The image shows rumenic acid, a conjugated linoleic fatty acid, rendered in two different structural styles: Orbit-flexible & Orbit x-peg but this kit only comes with parts for the "flexible style" (top) as do the 68827W organic chemistry student set & 68847W organic chemistry class set.

The version below it, is done as Orbit x-peg and you will need extra parts (see below) or use our 68849W biochemistry class molecular model set.

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Extra parts needed to build "x-peg" version of model. Add these parts, in the quantities shown in the Related Products area below.
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