Form a 3D molecular model of Tetramethylbenzidine from Genuine Molymod Components by Indigo Instruments

 3,3’,5,5’ – tetramethylbenzidine  is an indicator chemical used in chlorine test strips designed to measure concentrations of sodium hypochlorite in aqueous solution.

Chemical data
Molecular Weight Formula
240.3474 C16H20N2

Model Sets That Can Build Tetramethylbenzidine

Hybrid Dome
62053 62053SP 62050
Open Sphere
62009 62009EX 62010 62003 62004
Closed Dome
62053 62053SP 62007 62050
Closed Sphere
62003 62053 62053SP
4-(4-aminophenyl)-N,N,2,3-tetramethylaniline , 4-(4-aminophenyl)-N,N,2,3-tetramethyl-aniline , [4-(4-aminophenyl)-2,3-dimethyl-phenyl]-dimethyl-amine