Aquarium Peroxide Strips

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3% hydrogen peroxide can kill algae & bacteria that grow in fresh & saltwater aquarium environments. Use it to spot treat glass, rocks or decorations. Undiluted H2O2 can harm fish, invertebrates and beneficial bacteria. Use Indigo® 0-100ppm hydrogen peroxide test strips to ensure that residual levels are safe for fish, invertebrates & beneficial bacteria. See below for dilution instructions.

Backed by our 3 year minimum guaranteed shelf life and full documentation including Certificate of Analysis, Stability & SDS; Certificate of Conformance on request. Be prepared for any health & safety audit or inspection.

Hydrogen peroxide can quickly lose strength after opening. Use our Hydrogen Peroxide Dilution Calculator AND Indigo® 0-100ppm hydrogen peroxide test strips to check yours before using. Let's assume you want to dilute 3% H2O2 but aren't sure if it's still good. A typical dilution is 1-1.5 mL per 4 litres (gallon) of tank water. What ppm should your test strip show? Follow these steps.
  • Open the Dilution Calculator.
  • Step 1. Starting Solution. Enter 3 (%)
  • Step 2. Desired ppm of Diluted Solution: Leave Blank
  • Step 3. Enter 4000 for mL or 4 for litres. [1 US Gal=~4L]
  • Step 4. Enter 1 (mL) then press Enter.
  • Step 5. Now check Desired ppm of Diluted Solution. Result should be 7.5ppm
  • Step 6. Confirm color is between 3 & 10ppm with 0-100ppm test strip
  • Step 7. To repeat: clear Step 2 results; enter a new value in Step 4 & press enter.
Starting off with 30-35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide & wonder about its strength? Read our blog: Unknown Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration? Not a Problem!


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10 second response with readings at 0, 1, 3, 10, 50, 100ppm for residual level hydrogen peroxide measurement. The detection limit is 0.5 ppm
  • Indigo® test strips have a guaranteed minimum 3 year shelf life but are stored in desiccant lined vials so actual shelf life can be 5+ years.
  • For technical explanation, read: Sanitizer Test Strip Expiration; Good Today, Dead Tomorrow?
  • The number of strips per vial (100) is approximate.
  • Suitable for detection of hydroperoxides and ether peroxides. Polymeric peroxides, which can form in diethylether, are not detected. Organic peroxides, such as di-terc-butyl peroxide, di-cumyl peroxide or terc-butyl perbenzoate, either do not react or react with significantly reduced sensitivity.

Test Strip Documentation

Stability Statement Certificate of Analysis SDS Calibration Fluid CoA
Indigo Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips 100ppm Stability Statement Indigo Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips 100ppm Certificate of Analysis Indigo Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips 100ppm SDS Calibration Fluid Certificate of Analysis

Indigo® brand hydrogen peroxide test strips are Made in USA & tested for accuracy using NIST compliant standards.


Reviews (14)

Quick services, their friendly helpdesk serves you well and provides the information you want to have.

— Geert

We started using H2O2 in our swimming pool These test strips help us to keep the levels accurate. Easy to use and easy to read. Very happy with the product and with the results in our pool!

— Betty
Quick service and reliable products
Great customer service, arrived quickly, just as described, easy to read.
— Heide

Perfect to balance H2O2 in hot tub.

— Jonathan
— Indigo:

Good to know. Some of the hot tub vendors who have contacted us over the years recommend the 400ppm hydrogen peroxide strips. Both are effective but outdoor hot tubs may be more susceptible to windblown algae as well as H2O2 breakdown due to sunlight.

Excellent product , very east to read and quick results! Arrived sooner then expected!
— Rbarr1951
I really appreciate the great services provided by Indigo Instruments. My order was shipped in a timely manner and my customer was very happy to receive the test strips. Smooth transaction all the way around! Definitely recommend this company.
— Renee
Easy online ordering. Was ready for pick up in no time. Have always used these test strips from Indigo for testing my hot tub. They work great and are reasonably priced.
— Jim
Product works good, price seems reasonable. However, they didn't do what they said they would do for shipping. The site said orders before 11am shipped same day. My order was after 11am but, i felt it should be shipped next day which did not happen. It was handled as an order that came in after 11am the next day & then there was one more extra day delay for 'power outage'...disappointing!
— Wirkin Dawg
— Indigo: Sorry about that, have rewritten the guarantee. At least the product worked well!
Very fast shipping, good order accuracy. The test strips are a cost effective way to accurately manage residual H2O2 levels.
— InSPAration Float Centre
Great product, great service and great shipping speed! Will purchase again !!
— Brad

Great service; price and product. Canada Post dropped the ball. Paid extra for express post and package sat in Canada Post for 3 days then delivered on day 4.

— Indigo:

Thanks for the feedback. Many of our Canadian customers have had similar problems. This prompted us to write: Canada Post is in the way of small business competing against Amazon.


Great friendly service , always helpful and h202 strips high quality

— Carhi
Very happy with the ease of ordering, delivery time and the product is exactly what I was looking for. Great for any float centre for sure. Thank you
— Serenity Float Centre Inc.
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