Unit Atom Geometries

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All of the 45mm atom spheres have multiple holes that can be configured to demonstrate any standard (VSEPR) geometry.


The black sphere has been constructed to show a tetrahedral (sp3) shape by using 4 of the 4/8 coordinate bond pegs. The blue sphere has been configured with 2 polar and 3 radial bond pegs to show a trigonal bipyramidal geometry. The silver sphere below has been constructed using 4 radial pegs and 2 polar pegs for an octahedral geometry.

If only one polar peg is used, the sphere can representative a univalent atom. If 2 polar pegs are used, the sphere can represent a 180o linear arrangement (e.g. hydrogen bond). If only three radial pegs are used, then the sphere will represent a trigonal configuration.

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