Atom Geometry Bond Pegs

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  The "Unit" large molecular model set atoms can be configured with any standard VSEPR geometry by means of 3 different "bond pegs" as shown in the image. 


The leftmost bond peg is the 4/8 which is used to construct the most common geometry, tetrahedral (sp3) or 8 coordinate (metals).

The central, radial peg is typically used to build univalent atoms when 1 is used; 180o (linear) or angled shapes when 2 are used & trigonal when 3 are used & placed 60 degrees apart. They can also be combined with other pegs for any non-standard VSEPR geometry.

The polar peg shown to the right can be used one or two at a time for univalent and 180o linear shapes respectively or with the radial peg to form trigonal bipyramidal or octahedral geometries.


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Each package contains: 72 pieces: (36 tetra; 24 radial;12 polar)


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