Organic Chemistry Teacher Model Set

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Build ball & stick style organic chemistry structures with our 62003 Molymod Teacher's Set which comes with over 200 atoms and bonds, only $62.95.

Use our free 3D Molecular Model Builder to find out which of the millions of organic compounds this set can build. Alkanes, Aromatics, Esters, Ketones, Phenols & many more.

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Set the 3D Molecular Model Builder to "Open Sphere or Closed Sphere" to match the style of this model set & then enter the name of the compound.

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The Indigo™ Instruments 3D Molecular Model Builder

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The model set includes enough parts to build 3D models of many important chemical structures such as alkanes, hydrocarbon derivatives, carbocation intermediates, carbonyl compounds; and to allow detailed study of: advanced isomerism, conformers, reaction mechanisms, cumulated groups, optical activity (chirality).

This set can be complemented with the p & pi orbital upgrade along with other Molymod Molecular Model Atoms and Bonds.

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