10x25mm Nd Cylinder Magnet

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This 10x25mm rod permanent rare earth magnet packs a lot of power in a small space with enough pull at 10mm to be an effective stud finder.

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The Mark I Magnaprobe can respond to as little as 0.3 gauss & will detect weaknesses in magnetic shielding. The Mark II Magnaprobe is a fast & convenient way to confirm magnet are positioned with their poles pointing correctly.

Field Strength (Gauss) & Pull Force in Pounds & Kilograms at 5 Distances Above Magnet
SKU: 44203-25 Size: 10 × 25mm
Distance (mm): 0 0.1 1 10 100
Gauss 6471.8 6340.8 5186.9 630.4 3.0
Lb 10.19 9.78 6.55 0.10 0.00
Kg 4.63 4.45 2.98 0.04 0.00


Magnet Documentation

Drawing Compliance MSDS ROHS Graph
Magnet Technical Diagram Certificate of Compliance MSDS ROHS N42 Graph
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