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Sulfite Test Strips 100/Vial

Use these test strips to detect free (unbound) sulfite levels from 10 to 500ppm in lemon juice or on potatoes, shellfish or dried fruit.  Only $25.95 for vial of 100 strips-compare price to other suppliers which offer packs of 50. Not recommended for wine.

Click on the Details tab below or read more in our blog on what 10ppm really means.

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SKU: 33817-S
Sulfite Test Strips, 0-500ppm, ~100 Strips/vial

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Various world heath organizations have set 10ppm as the lower limit for people with asthma & other health concerns. If the test strip does not change color, you can assume that the sulfite level is low enough to be considered safe for consumption. Read more in our blog on what the 10ppm level really means.

If you are very sensitive or are simply curious, you can also use these strips on dried fruits where sulfite may be used as a preservative. Simply wet the reaction pad of the test strip with water (distilled or deionized ideally) & press it up against the dried fruit. If free sulfite is present in high enough concentration, you should see the pad change color.

Testing of deeply colored liquids can give results that are very hard to read. Our chemist has recommended filtering through activated charcoal to remove some of the pigments but we do not have an established protocol at the moment. pH adjustment is required for use with wines and other products that contain bound sulfites.

For those interested in the chemistry of how these strips work, please refer to this pdf which explains the theory of how free sulfite is detected.

Note (1): The number of strips per pack or vial is approximate.

Note (2): Tests for sulfite produced from sodium meta bi-sulfite preservatives;

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