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Cobalt Chloride Detection Paper

Cobalt chloride sheets find water leaks fast-under roof shingles & floor tiles or inside car doors only $2.95 or less when you buy in quantity.

Use individual strips if you need to find water in cracks or hard to reach spaces. Strips & sheets change color slowly at relative humidity of 55%; immediately with liquid water.

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SKU: 33813-Co8
Cobalt chloride sheet, 200x250mm (8x10")

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Price for each$2.95USD$2.70USD$2.45USD$1.95USD
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Note: The reaction is reversible if exposed to water vapor in less than 100% relative humidity. If the sheets are heated or the surrounding air goes dry, these will revert back to their blue color.  If splashed, they will change permanently and indicated distinctive white spots.

The moisture detection paper sheets shown in the image are 8x10" (200x250mm). They react by turning a light pink color immediately when exposed to liquid water or slowly when exposed to greater than 55% humidity.

This cobalt water detection paper sheet is available in large format 24x20" (600x500mm) by special order. Mininum special order is a pack of 100 sheets.

You can find more information by click on Cobalt Chloride: Colorful Moisture Detector

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