Cobalt Chloride 8x10" Paper

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Cobalt chloride sheets can find water moisture ingress & indicate the presence of even tiny water leaks fast-under roof shingles & floor tiles or inside car doors only $2.95 or less when you buy in quantity.

Cobalt chlorine sheets are also available in large format 24x20" (600x500mm). Mininum is a pack of 100 sheets. Other custom sizes also available, MOQ applies. Or, if you need to find water in cracks, use our pre cut cobalt chloride test strips.

Use Chlorophenol Red Water Leak Detection Paper for a permanent and very distinctive water indication (does not work well below pH 5.5. Universal pH Water Leak Detection Paper, like CR, is also permanent and indicates pH at the same time.

See our blog Find Water Leaks Fast.


The moisture detection paper sheets shown in the image are 8x10" (200x250mm). They react by turning a light pink color immediately when exposed to liquid water or slowly when exposed to greater than 55% humidity.

This cobalt water detection paper sheet is available in large format 24x20" (600x500mm) by special order. Mininum special order is a pack of 100 sheets.

You can find more information by click on Cobalt Chloride: Colorful Moisture Detector

  • Sheet dimension is 200x250mm or 8x10"; custom sizes available
  • Reaction with water vapor (<100%RH) is slow and reversible; will revert back to blue if heated or dried.
  • If splashed, color change to white is immediate and irreversible.

Test Paper Documentation

Stability Statement Certificate of Analysis SDS
Indigo Cobalt Chloride Sheet 200x250mm Stability Statement Indigo Cobalt Chloride Sheet 200x250mm Certificate of Analysis SDS Sheet
Reviews (3)

Exactly what I was looking for to check for roof leak in a vacation home.

— jc
— Indigo:

Glad we could help solve your problem. Thank you for the Review. If you want to know a bit more about the different leak detection sheets, check out: Find Water Leaks Fast: Cars, Boats, Roofs, Plumbing


Been stymied by a small leak in a drain pipe in my home for some time - finally ordered these water detection sheets and voila - was able to pinpoint the location of the leak and have the plumber repair quickly. These sheets work great - I think every plumber in America should have them available to help locate pesky leaks - thanks for the great product and helping me solve my annoying little problem.

— Allen
— Indigo:

Thanks for the feedback. That's an interesting suggestion about essential plumbing supplies. Perhaps this might offer them better insight: Find Water Leaks Fast: Cars, Boats, Roofs, Plumbing



Good. Received in speedy fashion and well protected from the elements so the paper would not react before getting to NZ.

— Mark
— Indigo:

Glad it got there ok. Interestingly, moisture incurred during long journeys has been a frequent question from industrial customers.

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