Blue Litmus 8x10:200x250mm

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Use this 8x10" (200x250mm) sheet of blue litmus paper for testing or confirming acid water splatter or leaks, only $1.62. They can also be ordered as large as 20x24" (500x600mm); but minimum order of 100 sheets is required.

You can use a paper cutter to make your own custom sized strips from this sheet. Or, buy as short, narrow precut blue litmus test papers in a stoppered bottle.


Q: What Turns Litmus Paper Red?

A: Any acidic aqueous (water based) solution. Effect is most noticed where solution is lower than pH 5. Found out more in our blog: How Does Litmus Paper Work ?


Test Strip Documentation

Stability Statement Certificate of Analysis SDS
Indigo Blue Litmus paper-acid test sheets Stability Statement Indigo Blue Litmus paper-acid test sheets Certificate of Analysis Indigo Blue Litmus paper-acid test sheets SDS
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I was pleased with the ease of the ordering process and the speed in which I received my order. The product was what I expected it to be.

— Jeannie

I am impressed at the speedy reply. Thank you very much for such a professional and prompt response.

— Sudarno Goh
— Indigo:

Our pleasure. A slightly different take on this is our blog: How Does Litmus Paper Work? Not Like pH Strips The header image shows how a larger sheet of litmus paper can be used in leak detection.

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