Ammonia Leak Detecting Cloth

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This 1 m2 cloth (40x40") is sensitive to ammonia (NH3) gas, & can be used for leak detection & air tightness testing of glove boxes and pharmaceutical isolators; only $99.00. The reaction is reversible so that the cloth can be reused many times before needing replacement.

Bromothymol blue indicator infused cloth changes color in the presence of NH3 gas and is a sensitive ammonia gas detection tool for glove box/isolator cabinet leak testing.


Excerpt below is taken from: Leak Rate Measurement for Pharmaceutical Isolators: Practical Guidance for Operators and Test Engineers. Clean Air and Containment Review Issue 11, pgs. 8-12.

Ammonia provides an excellent method for leak detection. It is sensitive, inexpensive and will trace small leaks with absolute repeatability. To carry out this test, a bottle of around 50 ml of ammonia solution is placed inside the isolator together with a pad of lint-free wipers and a polyethylene bag. The isolator is sealed up and using the gloves, the ammonia is poured out onto the wipers to disperse through the isolator volume. The isolator is then raised to perhaps 100 Pa pressure and proprietary bromophenol cloth is applied to the seals and joints of the isolator. Where ammonia escapes, the cloth turns from yellow to blue. At the end of the test the wipers are placed in the plastic bag and the isolator is ventilated, ideally to atmosphere. Ammonia is of course pungent, but the quantities used are small and the real hazards are small. This method is highly recommended to isolator users."

This paper on leak detection discusses the theory & methods for conducting accurate leakage rate measurements.

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