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The Indigo® super taster test kit comes with 4 packs of 100 strips. One each of PTC, Thiourea, Na Benzoate & control (blank) taste test papers. Use all 4 to do proper genetic taste testing trials for science fair, biology labs or food & drink tasting parties.

Don't know what a taste bud looks like? Take a look at this electron micrograph of a human tongue. Can you see the individual taste buds? Supertasters apparently have more of them. This accounts, in part, for the varied responses to the different compounds. PTC & sodium benzoate in particular produce, in decreasing frequency: bitter-salty; bitter-sweet; bitter-bitter; tasteless-salty. The only combination of tastes not observed for PTC-Na Benzoate is tasteless-bitter.

Compare the chemical structures of phenylthiocarbamide (aka PTC or phenylthiourea) to thiourea and sodium benzoate. PTC and thiourea share the thiocarbamide structures while PTC and sodium benzoate share the 6 ring phenyl group (similar to benzene).


The excerpt below is from an article posted on the web by Ruth Ann Allaire, Ph.D. of Northern Virginia Community College. It also has some good instructions on how to do simple genetics tests with taste test strips.

"Sodium benzoate taste: Obtain a sodium benzoate taste strip and chew it. A different pair of alleles determines the ability to taste sodium benzoate (as opposed to PTC taste). If you can taste it, you have at least one of the dominant alleles. If not, you are homozygous recessive (ss) for the trait. Also record whether sodium benzoate tastes, salty, bitter, or sweet to you (if a taster). Even though PTC and sodium benzoate taste are inherited independently, they interact to determine a person's taste sensations. Individuals who find PTC bitter and sodium benzoate salty tend to be devotees of sauerkraut, buttermilk, spinach, and other slightly bitter or salty foods."


How to use:

  • Take strip out of bottle
  • Stick out tongue
  • Place strip on tongue
  • Record taste response-these vary with the strip used

Note (1): The number of strips per pack or vial is approximate.
Note (2): Keep out of sunlight.

Test Strip Documentation

Stability Statement Certificate of Analysis SDS
Stability Statement PDF Certificate of Analysis PDF SDS Sheet PDF
Reviews (6)

Package was delivered intact across the pond. It is fun to see differences in tastes between different people. Leave Thiourea for the last bite and see SuperTasters faces in desperate need for water.

— Dawid Gos?awski

Shipped fast and has been fun testing everyone we know! Cost the same as buying from Amazon prime. Its fun to compare family members and see connections between them. Wish they sold in pack of 50 for a bit less but understand the price of staying in buisness these days. Also wish they sent a small sheet with basic instrustions along. By the time they arrive you forget to look on the website for links.

— Jennifer
— Indigo:

Thanks for feedback. Most if not all our test strips have a discount at 2, 3, 10+ that should be cheaper than Amazon including shipping. Thanks for input on into instructions. We figured it was pretty basic, put strip on tongue & record results but will look into adding a little bit more guidance. In the meantime, lots of other info we've added recently.


I've always been curious about using these and I just wanted some for myself. Packs on Amazon for a few tests were the same cost or more than to buy from Indigo, but Indigo arrived just as fast as Amazon prime normally does! I was very happy with the purchase and grateful to be able to not have to worry about counterfeit strips on Amazon and support a good business. These were great!

— Kristen
— Indigo:

Thanks for the kind words. As with all our test strips, they are made in the US & are backed by lab documentation for Stability & Certificates of Analysis. You may appreciate this school study done with our strips: Can Supertaster Testing Reduce Food Waste?


Great value. Shipping was quick.

— Christine

My order came quickly. Packaging was good quality and kept the contents safe. The plastic vials containing the strips were well labelled and sturdy. It would have been nice to have a brief run down of instructions for each (care instructions are all that is included), but there is a link on the website that takes you to an article that explains everything. Did this with my family and still have plenty of strips to use at school with students. Thanks for the great product!

— Jennifer
— Indigo:

Thanks for the review & pointing out the instructions issue. I believe you were referring to this: PTC Taste Test Activity Will make a note to put the link in more places.

No shipping delays, product came exactly as described. Quality test strips for classroom and student demonstrations!
— Yuliya
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