100 Control Paper Test Strips

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The taste test control papers have no chemicals added but are otherwise identical in appearance & texture to the PTC, thiorurea & sodium benzoate taste test strips. This is useful for anyone wishing to do properly controlled experiment to determine who is a taster and non taster.

Go to the PTC Supertaster Test Strips page & click on the Details Tab there for a link to taste testing experiments you can do.


These are offered because properly designed biology experiments always have controls & since the response to the real strips is quite variable, this is especially important. In other words, you don't want your subjects to know which strip they are using when testing in a group since subjects can influence each other's response.

The image shows the all taste test strips marked differently so you can tell them apart. If you want to be very clever, use 2 or 3 different colored markers with 2 or 3 combinations of colors per type of strip so that each has 2-3 markings.

Use with any of the 3 available taste test strips we offer. 

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How to use:

  • Take strip out of bottle
  • Stick out tongue
  • Place strip on tongue
  • Strip should have no taste response

Test Strip Documentation

Stability Statement Certificate of Analysis SDS
Indigo Control Blank Taste Test Papers Stability Statement Indigo Control Blank Taste Test Papers Certificate of Analysis SDS Sheet
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