Trigonal Bipyramidal Shape

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PCl5 (phosphorus pentachloride) is a molecule representative of trigonal bipyramidal bond angle geometry & is roughly 300mm (12") high on the long axis when constructed with Unit model parts.

The atoms in this VSEPR Large Classroom Model set can assume any geometry. Go to the bottom of page Unit Molecular Models for an overview or click on the Instructions/Safety tab to see videos on how to construct any molecular geometry.

Compare this to the model from the smaller Orbit Basic VSEPR theory set; the same structure is only 70mm (~3") on the long axis.

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I recently moved to the UK from the US and needed some classroom-demonstration models. In the US, I had used the horrible polystyrene balls and wooden sticks that were/are so prevalent. They were awkward to use and very fragile. Indeed, after only typically 2-3 uses of a given central atom, at least one "hole" for the sticks had broken. No such issues with the Indigo kit. While it was initially a little tiresome to set up the 5- and 6- coordinate central atoms, they are sturdy and have not (to date) broken. They are easy to transport and visually more appealing than the ones I used previously. While the price might seem a little steep, it is worth it to have a great classroom tool and I recommend them wholeheartedly.
— Simon Bott
— Indigo: Thanks for the feedback.
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