Graphene Sheet Structure

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Graphene is just one of a number of important carbon allotropes. This graphene lattice molecular model kit comes with 500 sp2 carbon atoms. The simplest arrangement is as a one atom thick hexagonal honeycomb monolayer.

The version in the upper left of the image shows 2 sheets that have been overlaid. This can demonstrate that the different layers in graphite can slide over each other or be separated into single graphene sheets. The structures can be further reduced in size to show a multi-layer graphene structure.

This carbon allotrope has a variety of interesting properties that make it one of the most promising of any new two dimensional composite material. It has unusual electrical conductivity and high tensile strength when used as a nanoribbon. Potential applications are diverse ranging from touch screens, to fuel cells/energy storage & solar cells.

Or, see our glow in the dark graphene sheet model. Add some trigonal bipyramidal atoms to build graphite.

This item is on clearance and has atom planar geometry slightly off 120 degrees.

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