Graphene Sheet Superconductor Structure

SKU: 68783GG

$28.95USD Each


Our glow in the dark 2D single layer graphene sheet model uses special bonds made with long lasting aircraft safety grade phosphorescent dye. This is intended to represent electrical conductance that makes graphene so interesting for use in high efficiency capacitors; only $28.95

Or have fun with it on Hallowe'en & go out as the "Graphene Ghost". Put on a black top and wear one front and back.

This kit can also be converted in to a graphite crystal structure model with some extra parts. You will need to add several trigonal bipyramidal atoms and some of our 70mm Indigo "Wobbly™" bonds for connecting the layers.

If you are looking for something more conventional trying the Minit scale graphene sheet model that comes with 500 atoms. It has optional trigonal bipyramidal atoms that can turn this one kit into 2 different graphite model.


Layer measures 50x40cm (20"x16") as shown. When exposed to sunlight, we have had this model glow for many hours.

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