Diamond Chemical Lattice Structure Model

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This diamond crystal structure molecular model has 1020 atoms, 1820 bonds & stands 14" tall; save big-only $159.95..



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This diamond model has 14 layers & has of over 1000 carbon atoms & 1800 of our Minit version of the clear "wobbly"™ bonds. It stands 350mm (~14") tall & measures 425mm (~16.5") along each edge. The repeating cell structure is especially evident as you look down any of the channels.

The model has been assembled as a pyramid for photographic effect but could just as easily be built as flat disc 4 layers deep to mimic a synthetic diamond coating.

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67180-15Minit bonds 15mm, clear vinyl1850
67321CAtom, Minit, C, tetrahedral, black1020
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It is a very high cost performance molecular model. We bought 3 sets and felt satisfied. We bought them to build various ice structures. Unfortunately the tube is too stiff to make highly distorted structures of ices under very high pressures, but that is not a fault for the product, of course. We will make softer tubes by ourselves.

— Matsumoto
— Indigo:

Longer bonds would be flexible enough for ice. These shorter bonds are for scale & model stiffness. Ice needs some 35mm bonds for the distortions you want to model. Also, youwould need the need linear hydrogens to model properly. The magnetic ice model might interest you.

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