7.5x1mm Thin Nd Disc Magnet

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This small thin neodymium disc magnet 7.5x1mm has a field strength of ~1700 gauss at 0.1mm & suitable for use with various wheel speed sensors. It is our closest size to an 8mm x 1mm neodymium magnet.

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The Mark I Magnaprobe can respond to as little as 0.3 gauss & will detect weaknesses in magnetic shielding. The Mark II Magnaprobe is a fast & convenient way to confirm magnet are positioned with their poles pointing correctly.

Field Strength (Gauss) & Pull Force in Pounds & Kilograms at 5 Distances Above Magnet
SKU: 44202-1      Size:  7.5 × 1mm
Distance (mm): 0 0.1 1 10 100
Gauss 1700.6 1681.8 1405.3 67.2 0.1
Lb 0.87 0.85 0.59 0.00 0.00
Kg 0.40 0.39 0.27 0.00 0.00


Magnet Documentation

Drawing Compliance MSDS ROHS Graph
Magnet Technical Diagram Certificate of Compliance MSDS ROHS N42 Graph
Reviews (4)
Magnets stuck nicely to my c-clamps and to my stainless steel scissors. The 9 magnet column was strong enough to pull the one separated magnet across 6 inches quicker than a cat can blink an eye! All the people I talked to at Indigo Instruments were helpful and nice, and curbside pickup was seamless.
— Elin
— Indigo: Thank you for review. Note the safety instructions for magnets. Having them fly towards each other can cause damage and/or injury.
5* Great and very fast service. Thank you.
— Suzanne
MAG-nificient. Seriously high quality product. They have always been well and smoothly plated (not prone to flaking). Reliable from batch to batch in their consistency of strength and dimensions. I even found them to shatter less often than every other magnet vendor I have found! And a big shout out to their delivery team. You ship fast and reliably every time, everywhere. Keep up the great work.
— Hugh
Rapide et bons produits.
— Cindy N
— Indigo: Thanks for the review. English translation: "Fast delivery & good products."
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