75mm (3") Bar Magnet

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This 75mm blue & red painted bar magnet is ideal for doing magnetic repulsion & attraction experiments; only $0.50.

See our blog on Magnet Experiments for Kids for more information and ideas.


If you need bar shaped magnets with greater holding or repelling force, see: neodymium magnet blocks.

Watch this video of the magnaprobe in action that shows how to identify a magnetic field around a bar magnet.


Repulsion Test

Two 75x18x6.5mm bar magnets were placed in contact with opposing poles (N:N). They were released & the distance caused by the repulsive force was measured.

Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Trial 4 Trial 5 Average
46mm 44mm 43mm 42mm 44mm 44mm

Paperclip Pickup Test

Forty paper clips were placed in a 500ml beaker. A single 75x18x6.5mm ferrite bar magnet was dipped into the beaker to pick up as many paper clips as possible.

Type Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Trial 4 Trial 5 Average
Uncoated Steel 19 18 21 28 22 22

Plastic Coated Steel

13 11 13 9 9 11


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Good strong magnet, not recommended for kids as they break easily when dropped.
— Indigo: Yes, brittleness is their main drawback.
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