Seed Germination Kit

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$16.95USD Each


This seed germination kit includes petri dishes, filter paper discs, chlorine test strips, droppers, tweezers & magnfier. Everything you need to germinate & grow seeds to seedlings before transplanting; only $16.95.

Indigo petri dishes are sturdy enough for reuse; they just need to be cleaned properly. We include a pack of 200ppm chlorine test strips you can use to ensure the correct chlorine bleach dilution for sterilization.

Use the magnifier to watch your seeds germinate and produce roots so you know they are ready for planting.

Click on the Details tab below for suggestions on how to use this kit or have a look at: How to Test Leftover Seeds. Note that the article incorrectly refers to litmus paper when it should see filter paper.

Note : The magnifier that is included is currently white, not black as shown in photo.

Some seeds can be difficult to germinate & some are just too valuable to leave to chance. This kit combination takes out some of the guesswork.

  • Remove a petri dish from its sleeve & a piece of filter paper from its box.
  • Place a piece of filter paper in the bottom half of the petri dish
  • Put your seeds on the filter paper leaving space around them. You can use the splinter forceps to handle them if they are very small.
  • You can cover with a 2nd piece of filter paper & then gently add water with the droppers at as many places as you need to wet the paper.
  • Cover the bottom half of the petri dish with the top half. You can label the lid as needed
  • Store in a place with an optimum temperature for seed germination
  • Check daily to make sure filter is not dry to the touch. A few drops of water at most should be all you need
  • Once germinated, remove seeds & plant. If you leave the germinated seeds in place longer, use the scissors to cut the filter paper to avoid damaging any fine roots that might have infiltrated the paper.
  • You can use the magnifier to watch the seeds produce smaller & then larger roots.

In normal lab use, plastic petri dishes are discarded but you can reuse them. We have included a vial of chlorine test strips which can help you prepare a dilute solution of chlorine of 200ppm. Use it as a rinse for the petri dishes & once they have dried you can begin the cycle again. Use our sanitizer dilution calculator to help prepare the right concentration with regular household bleach.

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