Petri Dish Seed Germination Kit

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The Indigo™ Petri Dish Seed Germination Kit includes 5 petri dishes, 5 razor blades, 100 filter papers, 100 chlorine test strips, a glass medicine dropper, curved splinter forceps tweezers & a glass lens linen tester magnifier all for only $16.95. That's 25% off buying them separately!

This kit has everything you need for growing seeds in petri dishes to seedling stage before transplanting. Use the eye dropper to add water as needed & watch them germinate. The single edge razor blade is ideal for cutting out individual seedlings.

The magnifier is not essential to the process but is useful as a teaching tool to see details in the very smallest roots & shoots. Note currently the kit comes with white plastic linen tester, not black as in the photo.

Use the chlorine test strips to make a safe disinfectant solution so you can use this kit for years.

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How to Germinate Seeds in a Petri Dish

Some seeds can be difficult to germinate & some are just too valuable to leave to chance. This kit combination takes out some of the guesswork.
  • Place a piece of filter paper in one half of a petri dish
  • Put the seeds on the filter paper with a bit of space around them. The forceps are good for small seeds.
  • Add a few drops of water as needed using the eye dropper.
  • Cover the bottom half of the petri dish with the top half. You can label the lid as needed
  • Store in a place with an optimum temperature for seed germination
  • Remove germinated seeds with tweezers & plant.
  • If roots have infiltrated the paper cut out with the razor blade to avoid damaging them.
  • You can use the magnifier to watch seed development or see: Phone Camera Loupe “Dissecting Microscope” if you want to really enlarge or keep a record.
  • Rinse dishes with diluted bleach (confirm with) chlorine test strips for reuse

Indigo™ plastic petri dishes are sturdy enough to be reused. To sterilize, a weak (200ppm) bleach solution swished around the dish for a few seconds should be enough. The Indigo™ chlorine test strips can confirm you are at 200ppm. Rinse with tap water, dry & begin the cycle again. Use our sanitizer dilution calculator to help prepare a 200ppm solution using regular household bleach. .

See How to Test Leftover Seeds. The article says to buy our litmus paper but meant filter paper. However, you can make ~12 squares out of a sheet of red litmus or blue litmus paper that will fit the petri dishes.
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Purchase, packaging, and delivery were very good. I, a novice gardener, had some old seeds so this kit was very helpful. I followed the directions and have had good results. Seeds that germinated are now healthy seedlings. My purchase was well worth the cost and investment of my time.

— Pam
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