Acid/Base pH 4.5-10 Test Strips, 100/Pack

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Indigo® pH 4.5-10 test strips are ideal for accurate measurement of most foods & drinks as well as urine & saliva. Only $13.95/100 strips.

Typical shelf life of 3 years or more if kept sealed even after opening. The 1 strip for all your health concerns.


pH 4.5-10 triple pad test strips are good for enhanced pH verification. Use them for saliva, urine and science fair demonstrations where resolution is needed for a narrow range than the 1-14 range. This can be very handy when testing different foods and drinks which occur mostly in this range.

The 3 test pads give 0.5 pH resolution and with practice, one can estimate 0.25 pH intervals. See some of the examples below.

The pads on an unused strip are calibrated at ~pH 5.75. Changes can be subtle & appear different under fluorescent, incandescent or sunlight. So, experiments done in the kitchen might appear a bit different when repeated in a school gymnasium.

Note: Packaging may be different than that shown while we transition to new packaging for 2023.


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Stability Statement Certificate of Analysis SDS
Indigo Test Strips pH 4.5-10 Acid Base Triple Pad Stability Statement Indigo Test Strips pH 4.5-10 Acid Base Triple Pad Certificate of Analysis Indigo Test Strips pH 4.5-10 Acid Base Triple Pad SDS
Reviews (8)

I bought these to verify what the contractor said. I'm glad I did because they proved him correct. My tap water is close to 6.5pH, but the "5-gallon filtered bottled water" from the self-fill machine at the grocery store is between 6 and 5.5 pH. The grocery store water is slightly more acidic than the water from the sink/tap. The normal range is said to be 6 to 8.5. I'll have to research the meaning of these findings, perhaps try another store's water and see what I get. The purchase was well worth it!

— Patrick

Surprised by the new packaging, but think it will be better than the old. Delivery as always was quick, we will continue to purchase these test strips.

— Linnea
— Indigo:

Thanks for your review and continued support.  The packaging was changed by the manufacturer at end of 2021 to allow increased protection, quicker dispensing of strips and allow the new label layout to be utilized.


These test strips are extremely accurate and I will only purchase the test strips from here! Thank you

— Janell
— Indigo:

Thanks for kind words. Some readers might find this interesting: How Do You Use a pH Test Strip?


Excellent product. The strips are packaged well and easy to use. The triple pads make it quite easy to read very accurately. The order was very well packaged and delivered quickly.

— Doug D.
— Indigo:

Glad you liked them. Others may find this useful: How Do You Use a pH Test Strip?

I have been using Indigo Instruments test strips around 10 years now. Before I found them I think I have tested maybe 15-20 different test equipment and have found that Indigo test strips are way superior to any and all the other test strips I have tried. Usually fast delivery I am in California and I have them 3-4 days in the mailbox.
— Swede
Better sensitivity (0.5 units) than typical pH paper. Provides accurate results without the need for electronic pH tools in difficult environments for electronics. And NO calibration needed.
— Doug
I discovered this company accidentally many years ago when I was seriously ill with no diagnosis. I used the pH strips to double check the medicinal test strips I had bought in order to diagnose myself. At first I bought only a bag of test strips; now they all come in a plastic box. The quality is very good; the tests are reliable; the strips last for over a year. The company ships immediately, and the product arrives to Norway in just a few days. I once sent an enquiry about the pH in drinking water (low due to acid rain), and I had an email discussion with a professional who works with the company. All in all, I consider Indigo a serious and professional website, and the pH tests of high quality.
— Efficiency and reliability at affordable costs
This PH scale is extraordinary. Very precise. Indigo's customer service is excellent. Very accommodating, attentive and prompt in their advice. Always a pleasure to order Indigo Instruments.
— LEMIEUX, Geneviève
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