100 Vitamin C Test Strips

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Getting enough Vitamin C? These test strips give fast accurate results for ascorbic acid levels in fruits, vegetables, juices & even urine; only $21.95 pack/100; discounts for quantity.


These test strips are calibrated with vitamin C dissolved in water which you can also do with store bought tablets. This is useful for controlled science experiments and for comparing against different fruit & vegetable juices or urine.

Vitamin C levels are shown as percentages where 0.01% equals 10mg/100ml & 0.1% equals 100mg/100ml. A 1000mg vitamin C tablet dissolved in 1000ml of water should give you a reading of 0.1%.

Fruit juices that claim 100% or more of recommended daily allowance (RDA) may read higher than the strips can measure so you might need to dilute the juice. e.g. 9 parts water & 1 part of juice will reduce the concentration to 1/10 the original.

The color chart below shows what you might expect if there is a lot of citric acid in the juice. The citric acid can make the strips look more purple than blue. You can test the acidity of different fruits, try these pH 0-7 acid test strips.

Acids in Fruit Chart

Follow this link for a list of names of Acids in Fruits and Vegetables, Any of these acids can affect the response of the test strips although citric acid should be the most prominent. If you are interested in testing the acidity of different fruits, try these pH 0-7 acid test strips.

More info on the chemical used to measure Vitamin C either in aqueous solution or in blood.

  • The number of strips (100) per pack is approximate.
  • The guaranteed shelf life is 2 years if the pack is kept sealed & stored in a cool dark place. 5 years is typical but test against a calibrated tablet to be sure.
  • Works with any form of ascorbic acid; eg. calcium ascorbate or sodium ascorbate.
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I purchased this product to monitor urine levels of ascorbic acid after beginning Liposomal Vitamin C. These test strips are an indispensable tool to verify that, yes indeed, Liposomal Vitamin C greatly increases blood levels of Vitamin C. Anyone in doubt on the subject of Liposomal Vitamin C can easily and inexpensively confirm for themselves how effective this method of administration actually is. I heartily recommend these test strips to anyone considering Liposomal Vitamin C as an addition to their daily diet. Liposomal Vitamin C works and these test strips confirm it.
— Denny Meredith
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