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This graphite molecular model kit builds a simple 4 layer structure with 120 atoms to illustrates this important carbon compound for only $24.95. Includes only genuine Molymod parts.


Graphite typically occurs as a hexagonal lattice structure but can also be found in a rhombohedral form. The 2 versions shown in the image include the ABAB hexagonal stacking and ABC arrangement found in the rhombohedral form.


Every Molymod molecular model kit sold by Indigo Instruments is fully compatible with older ones you might own. You can also replenish an old kit or customize it with Genuine quality Molymod parts.

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The graphite model was PERFECT -- the professors have already reported that seeing a "hands on" model of diamond vs. graphene has literally been an "ah-ha" moments for some students.
— Indigo: Glad we could contribute to the learning breakthrough for the students.
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