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Graphite Crystal Structure Model

This graphite molecular model kit builds a simple 4 layer structure with 120 atoms that illustrates the structure of graphite .

See also the larger kit that builds both the alpha (Hexagonal) & beta (Rhombohedral) forms-240 atoms in all..

SKU: 62101
Molymod graphite molecular model kit (1 model 112 parts)

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Graphite typically occurs as a hexagonal lattice structure but can also be found in a rhombohedral form. The 2 versions shown in the image include the ABAB hexagonal stacking and ABC arrangement found in the rhombohedral form.

60511EAtom, Molymod, black (carbon), 5 hole, 120/90deg., 23mm45
61014EBond, Molymod, purple (H bond, VanderWaals), 35mm16
61012EBond, Molymod, grey (single), 20mm51

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