GC DNA/RNA Base Pair

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This image shows guanine & cytosine paired, left & right respectively. The pyrimidine guanine's double bonds are on the underside. The purine cytosine's double bonds are shown topside.

The X-pegs are used with planar trigonal atoms to indicate double bonds and help illustrate the anti-parallel nature of the double helix. This feature of the Indigo DNA bases & 12 base pair DNA model is unique and helps ensure proper construction of the model.

Note: the 2 deoxyribose or ribose phosphates are not included but can be added to the shopping cart from the Related Products section below.

  • Working on Biochemistry of Aging?  Additional parts available to show Methylation of DNA Cystosine Nucleoside. Parts needed can be purchased below
  • Studies in Aging & one of our very low cost DNA models could be an interesting science fair project
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