Ice Magnetic Molecular Model

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$70.95USD Each


This ice cell magnetic molecular kit is fast and easy to build and costs only $70.95. Combine 2 or more and create a unique crystal lattice by recombining parts in seconds. Assembly requires a bit of manaul dexterity but model is otherwise nearly indestructible.

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You can also build a more conventional version of ice with this 35 subunit ice structure molecular model or a skeletal style ice crystal lattice model.


We will have a video for assembly shortly but it is the simplest of our magnetic models to build since all atoms and magnets are press fit.

  • Press fit a 5x12.5mm rod magnet into each white (hydrogen) atom. You will always end up with a "N" & "S" pole on either side.
  • Use the remaining 5x12.5mm magnets as bonds. Arrange them so that only 2 of the hydrogens are close to the red oxygen atoms.
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