Bryophyte-Lichen Identification 10X Loupe

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Prof. Kirsten Fisher at California State U. in LA ran a workshop on biological soil crusts where they studied lichens and mosses in situ. using our 10X 50mm folding magnifier.

In Prof. Fisher's words: "We didn't want to collect anything or disturb the crusts, so the large lenses were perfect for non-destructive observations."

Brytophytes are non-vascular plants that include the liverworts, hornworts and mosses. A stylized rendering of one is displayed on the magnifier using a decal (sticker).

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Not for field use but great for the lab or at your desk. Great deal for the price.

— Indigo:

Thanks for review & feedback. This is an unusual magnifier since 10X loupes are only ~20mm diameter. We have an older blog,?What Magnifying Glass Do I Need for Biology?, that some might find useful.

I have used this 50mm 10X loupe for over a decade examining a variety of aerospace components for potential defects. The large field greatly reduces the inspection time to visually inspect large surface areas - much more efficiently than the standard jewelers loupe one would use. I have had many people ask what is that and then when they use it become converts. I recently purchased 50 of these for my teams including a printed insignia on the outer surface. They came out great! It was also a pleasure working with Chris as he was very responsive and helpful throughout the process of finalizing the insignia and also expediting the delivery. I would highly recommend not only this product but also this company - Indigo Instruments! Tom
— Tom
— Indigo: Thank you for very informative review Tom, we appreciate it.
This is a great product. I use it for teaching with all ages, indoors and out, and it has stood up to heavy use. The 10X lens allows viewing of specimens that are just too small to see with the naked eye. As the lens is plastic do not bring it to the beach or sand will scratch it, but for all other purposes it is excellent. I added a loop of ribbon so that children can carry it around their necks, and unfold it when they want to use it.
— Ingrid
This item was exactly as I hoped it would be and arrived in a timely manner.
— Roger
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