Art Work Charges

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$30.00USD Each


There is no art work charge for "camera ready" vector art. This is art that can be printed as is. We will also rearrange the different elements in your artwork to get a best fit where needed at no charge (within reason of course).

A vector art file lets you enlarge/magnify it without losing resolution. Vector art files typically have filenames that end in .ai, .cdr, .eps & in some cases .doc & .pdf. How do you know if it really is vector or other such as a bitmap?

Blow up any image you find on the web & you will see that it pixilates, i.e. forms jagged edges. If your file does that, then it is not a true vector art file.

Converting such a file would cost 1 "artcharge" if simple & up to double that if complex.

Send us your artwork if you are not sure & we will advise you.

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