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12.5x2.5x2.5mm Nd Block Magnet

Use the 12.5x2.5x2.5mm neodymium block magnet for applications requiring a narrow but powerful magnet.

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SKU: 44230-2.5
Block magnet, 12.5x2.5x2.5mm, Nd/N42, Full Sintered/Pressed

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Field Strength (Gauss) & Pull Force in Pounds & Kilograms at 5 Distances Above Magnet
SKU: 44230-2.5      Size:  12.5 x 2.5 x 2.5mm
Distance (mm): 0 0.1 1 10 100
Gauss 4800.9 4528.6 2448.2 89.4 0.2
Lb 1.72 1.53 0.45 0.00 0.00
Kg 0.78 0.70 0.20 0.00 0.00


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