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This beautiful & unusual sculpture, by Cindy Stelmackwich is a delightful cross between art & science that was commissioned by the City of Ottawa. Read more about Cindy below.

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Cindy Stelmackowich believes that visual images are needed to pass on knowledge in science and medicine. In each of her projects she applies techniques used in medical dissection: cutting, splicing, isolating and preserving individual organs and body parts. Inspired by vintage microscopic slides and anatomical charts, SLICED is made up of images of the human eye taken from a 1920s student anatomy textbook. The images are divided into eight sections and displayed in sets of test tubes, each set representing one stage in the dissection process. Written by Sarah Patterson, Public Art Program, City of Ottawa.

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  • Borosilicate (pyrex) glass: heat resistant/autoclavable
  • 232x100mm tubes have reinforced rims for stoppers
  • Completely unmarked for decorative use
  • 32mm (~1.25"); 200mm (~8")

Note: Test tube diameter is nominal; there can be a variance of as much as +/- 0.5mm. We cannot guarantee they will fit test tube racks or stoppers we don't supply.

Reviews (3)
Just the right test tube with the quality that I was looking for, they look excellent for my project.
— Mahmood
I used the test tube as an insert for a vase I made from polymer clay. Worked out very well. I also bought a beaker that I have not used yet but hope to make a polymer clay tripod to hold the beaker to be used as a small vase.
— Shar
— Indigo: Another fine use of lab glass for decorative purposes. Thank you for description.
Great product, always arrives quickly and well packaged even to the other side of the world (Australia).
— Kirralee
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