Jumbo Glass Test Tubes 38x200mm

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Jumbo glass test tubes, 1.5x8" (38x200mm ), made with heat resistant borosilicate glass ("Pyrex"™) are food & dishwasher safe. Suitable for science lab or kitchen experiments. Thick walled with extra thick rims for safe resealable packaging of liquors, spices & candies as store & trade show displays. Tube holds ~165ml/5.5 oz.

Save big with tube & stopper combos. No one beats our quality & price even with "free" shipping.

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These durable test tubes will withstand punishment undreamed of for plastic tubes. They are so big tough that we have no off the shelf sturdy racks for them, But, if you're handy & have a 1.5" wood drill bit, easy-peasy!

What One Customer Said on Google:
Holly Christensen: "Ordered 15 test tubes. Very well packaged, quick delivery times, high quality test tubes that feel great. Thanks for the great service!"

Kerri Kairdolf said this among other things: Perfect size! Great quality and arrived quickly with no damage. Click on her name to see a beautiful wall mounted display of propagating plants.

Dave Mertz: The large test tubes were perfect for a vase project I wanted to do. The price was right and the shipping was very fast.


More ideas:
Hanging plant propagation holder, wall mounted spice rack or coffee bean display rack. Or, read these 2 blogs: What is a Test Tube Used For? Not Just Labs! & Corked Glass Test Tubes for Chemistry Kitchenware.

These giant test tubes are 38x200mm (1.5x8 inch) and made with thick clear borosilicate glass. Thick rims for tight stoppering and unmarked but printable for promotional use. They have very thick walls and are nearly indestructible for displays in stores or trade shows or packaging.


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  • Borosilicate glass: heat-resistant/autoclavable, food & dishwasher safe.
  • 38x200mm tubes have reinforced rims for stoppers
  • 38x200mm tubes have rounded bottoms & require support to stand upright
  • Completely unmarked for decorative use
  • 38mm (~1.5"); 200mm (~8")
  • Tube capacity/volume is ~165mL/5.5 fl. oz

  • Note: Test tube diameter and length is nominal; there can be a variance of as much as +/- 0.5mm. We cannot guarantee they will fit test tube racks or stoppers we don't supply.
Reviews (11)

I purchased 38x200mm test tubes to replace rain gauge tube that broke & I could not locate any other option local/online that would fit the - apparently - special size for the rain gauge. While I was disappointed the test tubes did not have incremental markings (for rain measurement), since the test tube fit the rain gauge perfectly, I was able to transfer markings from prior/broken tube to the new test tube. Subsequently, able to use the new test tube for my rain gauge.

— Sue

These are really high quality and perfect for my propagation wall.

— Erica

Great quality glass, well packaged and just what I needed. Will definitely be buying from indigo in the future.

— Greg
— Indigo:

Thank you for your kind words. Glad we could get you what you needed.


Tubes were correctly size and quantity. Also, very well wrapped to protect from breakage.

— Robert
— Indigo:

Good to know, thanks.


My test tubes arrived quickly and were exactly what I was looking for. Packaged very well for shipping!

— Lauren
— Indigo:

Thanks for letting us know.

I was shocked by how quick my test tubes arrived! I had such a wonderful experience with customer service after there was an issue with my card & bank. Super happy with the quality, my tubes arrived unharmed and well packaged.
— Haley
— Indigo: Thank for for kind words, glad we could help.
Just the right test tube with the quality that I was looking for, they look excellent for my project.
— Mahmood
The test tubes were exactly as described but 3 of the 12 were broken upon arrival. Indigo replaced the broken tubes after I contacted them. Great service!
— Douglas
Product just as expected. Well packaged, flawless customer experience. Thanks! :)
— Zmonde
These test tubes are big and just the size I was looking for for a project. Shipped securely in bubble wrap.
— Christine
These are exactly as stated. Perfect for my project.
— jy
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