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Buy 100 25x200mm (1x8") glass test tubes & cork stoppers for only $107.00 and save 50% over buying separately. Heat resistant borosilicate ("Pyrex" TM) glass makes them food and dishwasher safe. Tube capacity/volume is ~75mL/2.5 fl. oz. Unprinted for use in displays or packaging.

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Our solid, tapered corks ensure an airtight fit & won't fall apart like short stubby aggregate types.

Looking for ideas on how to use test tubes? Check out these blogs: What is a Test Tube Used For? Not Just Labs! or Corked Glass Test Tubes for Chemistry Kitchenware. Or see some examples such as: hanging plant propagation holder, wall mounted spice rack or coffee bean display rack.


Here is a review from one customer about our 25x200mm test tubes in Google Places:

Holly Christensen: Ordered 15 test tubes. Very well packaged, quick delivery times, high quality test tubes that feel great. Thanks for the great service!

  • Borosilicate glass: heat-resistant/autoclavable, food & dishwasher safe.
  • 25x200mm tubes have reinforced rims for stoppers
  • 25x200mm tubes have rounded bottoms & require support to stand upright
  • Completely unmarked for decorative use
  • 25mm (~1"); 200mm (~8")
  • Tube capacity/volume is ~75mL/2.5 fl. oz

  • Note: Test tube diameter and length is nominal; there can be a variance of as much as +/- 0.5mm. We cannot guarantee they will fit test tube racks or stoppers we don't supply.
Reviews (2)

I use these to package our herbal bath salts. Quality items, fair price, quick shipping and the cork seal is perfect. Will definitely continue purchasing these.

— Erin
— Indigo:

Thanks for the feedback. Packaging herbal bath salts in test tubes is becoming more popular we've noticed. Some other ideas: Corked Glass Test Tubes for Chemistry Kitchenware; What is a Test Tube Used For? Not Just Labs!; Cork, A Natural Product For Labs As Well As Wine!

Loved using these glass test tubes to showcase our natural bath salt blends. The cork stoppers fit perfectly to seal in the freshness and scent from the essential oils used in the bath salt blends. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they were shipped out and received. This was my first order with Indigo Instruments and I was both pleased with the high quality of the product as well as the excellent customer service I received. I will certainly be ordering from Indigo again, thanks!
— amouranaturals@hotmail.com
— Indigo: Great way to package a product. Glad we could help
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