500ml Glass Graduated Cylinder

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The 500mL glass graduated cylinder is our second largest & comes with numbered markings at every 50mL. Sub gradations allow for measuring accuracy of 5mL. It comes with a hex base for stability & is made from heat resistant glass.

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Check out our blog post "How to Read a Graduated Cylinder"

Note: Marking style may not be exactly the same as shown.


For accurate dispensing of very small volumes transfer pipettes are an economical solution. For larger volumes where accuracy is not as important, glass burettes  are the better choice.

You can pour the contents of graduated cylinders into glass lab beakers for easy mixing of different solutions & store the contents of these mixtures in conical Erlenmeyer flasks.

There are: ~25ml/fluid ounce; ~25mm/inch; ~25g/ounce
Diameter Top
Diameter Base
500 5 5 390 55 115
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