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250ml Glass Graduated Cylinder

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The 250mL glass graduated cylinder, comes with measuring accuracy of 2mL. Buy just one for $13.95; save 20% by the box. Large hex base for stability, heat resistant glass makes it lab/food safe.

See Specifications or Details for more info. You can even imprint this for use as a custom drinking vessel.

SKU: 55305
Graduated cylinder, 250ml, borosilicate, single scale, Hex

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You can pour the contents of graduated cylinders into glass lab beakers for easy mixing of different solutions & store the contents of these mixtures in conical Erlenmeyer flasks.

There are: ~25ml/fluid ounce; ~25mm/inch; ~25g/ounce
Volume (ml) Graduations (ml) Tolerance(ml) Height (mm) Diameter Neck (mm) Diameter Base(mm)
250 2 2 300 45 95

4.5 Stars 2017-08-22

Quality product...thank you.

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